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“As if love were about the truth” (pg. 512)

The world’s perfect idea of love revolves around this notion that there is perfect communication and honesty, and that is exceedingly unrealistic. It is a goal most couples strive to achieve and that most fall short of. At the end of the day, everyone is human, and humans have many faults. I feel like people always end up lying the most to the people they claim to love the most. If the love is mutually shared, then what more do we have to prove? What can lies add? Whenever I have caught people in a lie or me myself having lied, it is usually because the truth is a little too painful or difficult to deal with and a lie can save some pain.  Obviously, lying — no matter how good we think the reason might be — doesn’t excuse the fact that we are doing something wrong. It takes a lot to love someone who is always lying to you, especially if you know that everything they tell you is a lie. I think love is about making the person with you happy, ensuring they feel good. But does it mean we need to lie to them sometimes to provide that kind of security?

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