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Sometimes she let herself imagine what would have happened if he had been killed instead of wounded. (pg.9)

One of my biggest fears has always been that I will some day be a burden to whomever I end up marrying. Everyone gets old, and with every passing day the likelihood of some kind of tradegy striking increases. At some point luck runs out, and something bad happens. Ronnie’s thoughts and emotions through the story display some of my intrusive fears, thoughts that I am afraid my significant other may have about me in general or if something bad happened to me. [The way she contemplates a life without her husband if he had died instead of only losing an arm, is reasonable sure,] I feel like most people contemplate how life would be if things happened differently. But to be the person on the other end of those unpleasant day dreams can be quite unnerving, Ronnie even states that she knows he is going to worry about whether or not she is thinking these things. It is scary to think that one day everything is normal and your spouse loves you so much, then the next you can be diagnosed with a diease like Parkinsons or lose a limb and suddenly as things may get worse, and you have become more trouble than you may be worth, no matter how much your spouse might claim they love you. It is that internal resentment that frightens me, never really knowing how much your spouse might grow to dislike you just because they can hide behind the phrase “I love you.” It is fair to consider that, sure, they do love you, but there is probably a part of them wishing for a life where you were not causing trouble for them, an easier life, a life without you.

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