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She put one of the smaller pumpkins on Clark’s long lap.”Now nothing surreal,”she told me.”Carve just a regular face. These are for kids”.


Mary Robinson “Yours”, brings out a popular topic that has been debated throughout time, which is the debate over how a child should be raised.  The above quote first seems insignificant but it actually holds deep meaning. Clark and Allison are told not to carve anything “surreal”, because the pumpkins are to entertain children. Children are thought to be little fragile creatures that are too innocent to know of true sadness or anger. Causing most children to be brought up in a sheltered household so they won’t ever have to experience those feelings and only be happy. Parents and Guardians try to hide the fact that bad things occur in life in order to shield them from sadness but this ultimately causes most kids problems once they grow up.While  Clark and Allison’s actions may be inexcusable because, they did not listen to what they are told but Allison decision to make two happy and two sad pumpkins while Clark makes four angry pumpkins. To me did not seem like a big deal.

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