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So I’d just run my finger over the tattoo, feeling the outline raised up like it always is when fresh. Then it’d peel by itself, and one day I’d put my finger down and not be able to tell the difference in skin: it’d really be a part of me. And that’s when I started wanting another one. (12)

In this passage, the narrator, Lois, talks about the healing process of the tattoos Tiny gave her and how they become a permanent part of her body. This passage strikes me as important because everyone we meet leaves a lasting impact on our lives, whether we realize it or not. Tiny, the narrator’s husband, leaves his impact in both a physical and an emotional way. Lois is covered in tattoos created by Tiny, which is his physical impact. The mental/emotional impact Tiny leaves on Lois can be seen in how much they love each other. Lois wanting more tattoos is similar to Lois wanting more of Tiny throughout their lives and after Tiny passes away.

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