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The next day I was putting a T on his arm when Tiny said, “Do me a favor, Lois, huh? Don’t forget me?”

The professor began to giggle in bed and ended up laughing, hard. “Do you think she’d be able to, even if she wanted? Look at her – she’s a human memo board.”

This particular quote stuck out to me the most because I feel that it represents what the story is about: the tattoos and how people affect and change us. Tiny gives Lois many tattoos while they are together. While he is changing Lois on the outside, Tiny is also changing her on the inside. The people we meet have a life-long effect on us, and more often than not that change occurs slowly over time. In the story, Lois takes several years to accumulate all the tattoos from Tiny, and with some courage she is able to give one to him before his passing.  Lois will never be able to forget Tiny because of how he changed her as a person and the visible marks he left on her.

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