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Deborah Eisenberg’s “The Girl Who Left Her Sock on the Floor” is about a girl who must grieve the loss of her mother. Her school sends her to say her goodbyes to her mother and to mourn. During this trip, the narrator finds out her father is still alive and has been living a different life than what she had grown up knowing. She has to decide if she wants to meet her father and change his life that day or if she should wait and see if he finds her. In the end of the story, she chooses the latter. This affected the end of the story because if she had decided to meet her father, the narrator may have ended up not going back to her school. This also affected how the readers engaged with the story. Ending the story without the readers being able to know much about her father left readers with a multitude of questions. How would the narrator’s father react to his daughter? Would he welcome her with open arms or send her away? Would we learn more about why the narrator’s mother told her her father had passed away?

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