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In “The Green Man” by Jeanette Winterson the theme is about man’s fragile masculinity. Throughout the story various things happen that display the main characters masculinity being shattered and mocked. The first sign we see of this in the story is the characters pride in his grass. It is a very stereotypical man thing to be proud of. In many stories and TV shows it is often a joke played out a lot. When a mans lawn dies or is under poor care it is usually seen as a major fault in the man. The horse being brought home at the end of the story opens up the possibility for the lawn to be ruined. Another thing I noted was the push of sex throughout the story, and given the theme I see is fragile masculinity it seems to go hand in hand.  Men tend to be drawn to sex and temptation, which I believe is represented by the gypsies.  Despite the main characters caution and frustration with the gypsies, he is almost put into a trance like state in their presence. Almost to prove that the main character is secure in his own masculinity I noticed how he emphasized drinking wine over beer like it was some kind of accomplishment. Overall the character continuously tries to prove his masculinity but fails again and again. Having to maintain an unrealistic persona of society expectation can lead to only downfall and disappointment.

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