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I myself have been in the shoes of Frank and I have experienced people like Frances, who are ready to fight till the end. It is in those moments that every single word that comes out of your mouth matters the most. Though what I feel Tobias Wolff has captured the best in  his short story “The Night in Question” is the moment true faith is challenged. I’ve seen it many times: the anger antagonizing words, the threatening look of challenge that makes you want to rush your answer, by giving a simple book straight reply. It makes your heart pound and your muscles tense as you know this is the make or break point of the conversation. It matches perfectly with the climax of this story on pages 641-643.

However, what makes this story so true to life, is the fact that Tobias Wolff wrote the story with the understanding that the one who’s faith is being challenged is Frances, not Frank. You can tell this is the case as Frances jumps to defended herself and her past actions with words such as:

“Not in a million years. Neither would you. Honest, now, little brother, would you grind me up if I was the one down in the mill, would you push the Francesburger button?”(642)

An action that you find even little children do when they try to shift the blame onto someone else or when middle-schoolers’ try to assert that there in the right. Frances’ over eagerness to prove herself right along with her internal reflection of her past actions, show that it is her faith being shaken.

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