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“Skinny, who was not skinny at all…” (Good News for a Hard Time, 14) (Homecoming, 3)

This passage came form both “Homecoming” and “Good News for a Hard Time.” I found it interesting how Belle Boggs wrote “Homecoming” and “Good News for a Hard Time” as stories that ran parallel and at the same time as each other with a moment of intersection when Skinny is introduced. To me, the parallelism in these two stories created for more interesting reads. While in “Homecoming” we know nothing of Bruce, as he is only in the story for a sentence or two, we read about his life in “Good News for a Hard Time.” The same goes for Skinny in “Good News for a Hard Time.” Readers do not get to know much about Skinny in the story while he is one of the main characters in “Homecoming” and influencers in Marcus’ life.

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