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It was like love, she thought. Something you thought you should have until it was right there in front of you and you realized you were committed to it whole. (20)

Throughout this story the reader can grasp the sense that Ronnie is not exactly happy in her relationship with Jeremy. It seems as if she doesn’t want to be in it at all. She doesn’t want to tell him that she is pregnant and she really did not think that her life would go the way that it has. She wanted to stay in art school but couldn’t because she did not have the money, and she married a guy that she knew from high school that she never really explicitly says that she loves until this passage comes along. It takes just one thing to happen for her to realize that the person she loves is right in front of her. She has had him all this time.

But something that threw me off was this passage:

But she felt strangely good, alive, her body working like it should. And guilt, for that. But not as much as she should have felt. (8)

This made me think that she wanted to do what her mother did. She wanted to run away. But she won’t because her mother left when she was a child, and she knows how it feels to have a parent abandon the family. She doesn’t want to be in that same situation.

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