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If this story were told using only one perspective, it would lose a lot of the emotion the author wrote in it. Using more than one perspective means we can see multiple views on the same event. We see how each of these characters goes about the day affected by the first day of hunting season and the thoughts that go through each of their heads as the day goes on. The principal and his not so secret desire to be out there, the secretary drowning in absentee paperwork, Jenny actually glad to be away from her boyfriend, Jason who doesn’t like the season in general, and Ms. Hayes who’s glad to have an easier day to let the children draw while she recovers from a hangover. If it were just limited to one of these people by a first person viewpoint or a limited third person perspective, we would lose a vast majority of the emotions felt in the story. Of course the author could have simply had one of the characters guess at everyone else’s feelings, but that wouldn’t be as interesting to read.

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