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Belle Boggs’ “Deer Season” is written in the third person and consists of characters that fit into common stereotypes. Among the stereotypes explored in this story are the gender roles different characters assume.  Gender roles are seen in this story when most of the male students don’t attend school so that they can go hunting, while the girls are expected to attend class. Showing that males are considered more violent and dominant, while women, as we see in the following quote, are more relaxed and sensitive: “But today is an easy day-with no fighting to worry about, of general air of femaleness takes over the building. A softness and gentleness.”( 3.Boggs). Based on what we can tell, the characters in this story seem to accept this way of life except for the secretary who we see in the following quote only dislikes this event because of all the work she must do.  “But it is a harder day than most for the secretary, who must bubble and bubble all the absences on the Scantron forms-so many absences!” (1.Boggs).

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