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I wanted to tell Jimmy that my sister didn’t have powers. I wanted to say that her only power was the power to make everyone look, she’d had nothing, nothing to do with my father going blind, and she’d lied to us all, she’d faked it about the dog, as if it mattered whether the animal spoke, as if love were about the truth, as if he would love her less-and not more-for pretending to talk to a dog. (512)

This passage sums up exactly how the narrator feelsĀ about her sister: love, hatred, confusion, jealousy, and contempt. These are natural feelings to have towards an older sibling at one time or another, but all of these emotions change the way the narrator tells the story. She never cared to have a relationship with her sister after Jimmy’s death. Every fact that she states in this story about her sister reflects their complicated relationship more than it reflects who the sister is. I think the reason the narrator loved Jimmy was because he let her have time with her sister. She loved Jimmy because Jimmy meant that she could have a real relationship with her sister, where her voice and opinions mattered.

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