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“The Management of Grief” by Bharati Mukherjee is a heart-wrenching short story about Shaila Bhave, a Canadian-Indian immigrant, who was one of the hundreds of people that lost their family in 1985 on Air India Flight 182. This flight was taken down by a Sikh extremist group, who were outraged at the Indian government for ordering a raid on one of Sikhism’s holiest shrines; the Golden Temple in Amritsar. This raid was due to the government wanting to suppress the Sikh rebellion by attacking militants that were held up in the shrine.
This case went into the early 2000’s when a man name Reyat, from Duncan, was sentenced to five years for one count of manslaughter. Then on Oct 27, 2000, Ajaib Singh Bagri and Ripudaman Singh Malik were arrested and charged with first-degree murder, attempted murder and conspiracy in the bombing. This case ran all the way until September 2006, when Air India started hearing from the families that lost their loved ones in the bombing.

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