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” Her loud shoes in the hall. She passes through the doors and i can still hear the loud  sounds of her shoes .And even when the teachers turn med toward the classrooms and I hear what must be the  singing and talking of all the children in the world, i can still hear my mothers footsteps above it all.”


This quote alone shows  the connection between the mother and the daughter. The overall connection between mother and daughter is one of the overall major components of this text. As she saids before when she talks about a game that her and her mother  played together but as it was time for her mother to depart , her mother doesn’t finish the game leaving her confused watching and listening to her leave. This connection between these characters leave us to make sense of the first line “In an otherwise unremarkable September morning long before I learn to be ashamed of my mother…”that thought of all ways needing and wanting to be with ur mother that fades when you get older.

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