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“‘I feed him,’ she said after a minute or two. ‘I bathe him. How he is inside, in his heart. . . I don’t know.’ She paused. ‘It is just like always.'”

In “Miniature Man” Carrie Brown tells the story of Gregorio through the eyes of Dr. Xavia. Dr. Xavia watched Gregorio grow up, and pursue his dreams of becoming an artist. Despite the fact that this story flashes back to bits of the past, the past gives the readers hints to who Gregorio is, and how Dr. Xavia cares for him as if he was his own son. The story reveals more and more pieces of Gregorio’s, and Xavia’s relationship, as Gregorio get progressively less mentally stable. As the reader, we have no idea how Gregorio actually feels about the situation, but Xavia leads us to believe that Gregorio is worth saving.

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