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His four pumpkins were expressive and artful… two were ferocious and jagged. One registered surprise. The last was serene and beaming.

“Yours” depicts the love Clark has for his wife, Allison. Allison has a sickness that has resulted in a loss of hair so she must wear a wig, my first thought being cancer. The couple spends time together carving pumpkins, which allows Clark to express how he feels about his wife’s sickness. By carving his emotions into the pumpkins, Clark is able to express his emotions without explicitly saying them. The pumpkins take an important role in the story’s plot.  Clark wishes to tell his wife that having the amount of talent he has is “an awful, plaguing thing,” and it means expecting too much and loving yourself very little. Clark adores his wife in her simplicity. As the night ends with Allison dying in bed, Clark is left looking at their life as carved on the pumpkins.

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