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The story opens in a boarding school with an argument between roomates over a sock on the floor. It escalates to an argument about how messy Frannie(?) is. During the argument, Frannie(?) sees the principle/headmaster secretary(?) outside her dorm. In the moment she doesn’t think too much of it, until the principle/headmaster secretary(?) knocks on her/their(?) door. She thinks the situation is odd and she wouldn’t have a reason to come to her dorm room. The lady/principle/headmaster secretary(?) comes into her room and asks for Frannie (add last name). She knows this because her mother/father? called the school to tell her. Frannie meets with the principle to discuss her next steps. Frannie is confused about what she is referring to (being a rebel there are many accounts of her bad decisions). Her principle suggests she calls(?)/lives(?) with a close relative. Frannie asks what this is about; the principle tells Frannie her mother died in the hospital because of her broken hip. Frannie says that’s impossible, no one dies from a broken hip (get quote of her saying that). She doesn’t know what fictitious relatives her mother created for the school to know. She quickly realizes that her mom is dead and she has to grow up. With so many questions in her head, she goes to the hospital to hoping to get some answers about her mom and the relatives she might have. She flags down a nurse and asks about a woman that would have been there for a broken hip. The nurse says she died because of a blood clot and someone called to have her body cremated. Frannie asked who called and the nurse said “your father”(?????). Frannie said that was impossible, her mom told her he died in a car crash. The nurse was able to give her an address. She was stunned that her mother told her the story about how her father died, but he was actually alive and she lied to her. She was disappointed that she didn’t hear the truth from her mother. With no one to rely on, Frannie sets off to meet her father. She carries her mothers ashes as she travels to her father’s house. She arrives at her fathers house (quote describing it). When she knocks on the door a butler greets her and tells her to wait a little while, her father should be back soon. After sitting in the living room(?) she hears him open the front door. She hides in the corner of the room and is scared to make the first move.

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