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Frances had come to her brother’s apartment to hold his hand over a disappointment in love…”

In Tobias Wolff’s short story “The Night in Question,” the reader is introduced to two characters, Frances and her brother Frank. These siblings have a very close relationship. They seem to be best friends and always be there to help one another. Throughout their childhood their father, Frank senior, was very abusive towards Frank. Frances did everything in her power to try and go against her fathers wishes. Every time he  would take something away from Frank she would find a way to sneak it to him. She wanted to rebel against her father in any way she possibly could. Frances continued to be very protective over Frank into their adult lives. Frank had became an alcoholic but after an accident turned to a church to help him through it. It is obvious Frances is not happy with the fact that her brother was turning to someone other than her for advice and comfort. She had sacrificed so much of her life to be there for Frank, even to the point where it almost ruined her marriage, and she felt almost betrayed by the fact that Frank would not use her as his comfort.

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