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In the short story “The Green Man” by Jeanette Winterson, a man goes through his life wondering if this is the life he really wants. Although he loves his family, he is still wonders if this is what he really wants, or if there are better things out there for him. There is a fair in town that the family goes to together. The mayor wants the fair to be banned because there are many gypsy people there. While they are at the fair, the father finds himself very distracted and his mind starts to wander. He keeps getting separated from his wife and daughter, until he finds himself in a strangers caravan. This stranger is a gypsy women. When he wakes up, his watch is missing and he realizes that he needs to leave as quick as possible. When he leaves, he finds his daughter on a horse and the man holding the horse says that she has bought it and they will drop it off later. They get home and the man still is confused as to whether this is the life that he wants for himself. Someone shows up with the horse and he goes out to pay for it with the money he was going to use for a new car. The person that showed up ended up being the woman that he had stayed with. He knew this because she was wearing his watch on her wrist. He wonders if he should leave his wife and daughter and become a gypsy. All throughout the story the man is torn about what path in life to choose for himself.

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