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To honour. To mock. To fear. To hate. To be fascinated. To laugh out loud. They gypsies come her every year once a year. Come living. Come memory. Half dream. Half danger. Half man half beast. Satyr them, satire us; safe, good, time keeping, clean, for a day dragged in front of their silvered mirrors.

The short story, “The Green Man,” by Jeanette Winterson, is a story about a married man with a daughter that is struggling to live the storybook life that he has come to have. He has a great wife and an amazing daughter, but he keeps trying to find a way out; a way to ruin it all and find something to invigorate his life. Although he goes through all of the mental stress of thinking the things that would make his wife hate him, he seems to still want to go back to her and just forget about it all. In the quote above, it seems as though this is a third person outside of the story line talking about some fantastical world, but in reality it is just a way he portrays his depressing reality. Every so often, he has feelings of fear, hate, and fascination about his life. He loves it one day, and the next he has feelings of lust towards any and all women he meets. The one constant woman in his life that makes it all okay, is his daughter. Just as the story is ending and we think he has realized this flaw, the horse is brought to the house led by a woman and he starts the process over again.

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