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I know something important now. Don’t ask for a thing unless you know precisely and absolutely what it is you’re going to get and how you’re going to get it.

Rose Tremain’s short story “John-Jin,” is about a family who has adopted a Chinese boy by the name of John-Jin. He was found in a woman’s restroom swaddled in a scarf. He was brought to the hospital where the family later adopted him. As John-Jin grew older the family started noticing the fact that he wasn’t actually growing taller in any way. They brought him to multiple doctors to try and find out what was wrong, doctors would reassure them and tell them not to worry because his birth parents were probably very short. The family later took John-Jin to a specialist where they proceeded to inject him with growth hormones. Ten years later a disease that has laid dormant in John-Jin’s body that had come from the growth hormones began to make itself known. John-Jin was paralyzed completely and later died at the young age of twelve due to the disease.

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